Tips And Tricks

Learn techniques to pull of some stylish moves


Midair spin

Tap the screen while in the air to spin and slow your descent.

Spin strike

Tap the screen while in the air and near an enemy to spin and take it out!

Landing roll

You'll break a long fall by rolling without even having to touch the screen. You can even defeat some enemies!

Rolling jump

Tap the screen while rolling to do a rolling leap. Toads really dig the energy.

This gives you more toads.

Slope slide

You can slide down slopes, taking out enemies in your path.



You can vault over small enemies and obstacles without touching the screen.

Vaulting jump

Tap the screen while vaulting to pull off this jump. The Toads love it!

This gives you more toads.

Low jump

If you barely tap the screen, you'll only jump a short distance up into the air.

High jump

Touch the screen and hild to jump higher. If you play as Luigi, you can jump higher than anyone else!

Flutter jump

As Yoshi, touch and hold the screen to flutter in the air for a short time.

Floaty jump

As Peach, touch and hold the screen to float for a short time.

Midair stall

You can stall your jump by touching the screen and sliding to the left.

Wall jump

Tap the screen just as your reach a wall, and you'll jump in the opposite direction.

Consecutive wall jumps

Jumping back and forth between the walls will really impress the Toads.

This gives you more toads.

Edge climbing

You'll pull yourself up over edges without having to tap the screen.

Climbing jump

Tap the screen while climbing an edge to do a climbing leap. Toads will cheer for it!

This gives you more toads.


Consecutive stomps

If you stomp multiple enemies in a row, the Toads will cheer and you earn extra coins.

This gives you more toads.

Threading the ring

Pass safely through a castle's rings of fire to excite the Toads!

This gives you more toads.

Enter bubble

Tap the bubble icon, and you'll pop into a bubble and float backwards.


Pause block

Step on a Pause Block and you'll stop in your tracks, giving you time to plan your next move. The timer will stop while you're on this block.

Press a Switch

You can trigger a Switch by landing on it or jumping while vaulting over it.

Add bubble

If a bubble appears from a ? Block, you'll have an extra bubble added to your total.

Time block

Hit a Time Block, and you'll get +10 added to the timer.


Coin rush

During Coin Rush in Toad Rally, you'll get more coins than usual from blocks or defeated enemies.

Enemy levelling

Defeating lots of enemies will level them up, making them drop even more coins in Toad Rally.

Coin types

Depending on their colour, the number of coins you receive at Results may vary.

Yellow and Red coins are worth 1 coin each.
Blue coins are worth 2 coins.
Pink, Purple, and Black coins are worth 10 coins each.

Checkpoint flag

In Toad Rally, the first player to pass the Checkpoint Flag will receive 10 coins.

In World Tour, the higher up the flag you reach, the more coins you get. You can get 10 coins if you reach the top.